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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2013 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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contracts, and that's what we want. yes, we understand working a business is a full time responsibility. it's very tough. you're isolated. it's difficult to express your needs whether it's insurance problems, bonding, capital, employees problem, but that's what we're here for. cmd is here to hear your program and develop programs to help you and we're not going to give up and i know you're not either. i am looking on the positive side. there is so much opportunity. we have the right ingredients. what we have what mr. quinn said, a small business and a commission on status of women and a contract monitoring division and a contract administrator who believes in your business, so i think with that if we all start working together this is our time. i think it has come and we should
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cease it and cease it with happiness and enthusiasm. >> commissioner rodriquez. >> my very quick question is just we have this great data for the percents by service categories of the wbe's. does the obe and the other one mirror that? >> no. i would say that the obe's take up almost half of the 1110 businesses. >> right. but what i am wondering is what do they provide -- do they provide services in and mirror the 52% professional -- >> yes. >> 25 general. >> exactly. >> so that mirrors the city -- 14% is contracts -- construction sorry. i am just trying to understand what they're getting contracts for too.
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>> the non women businesses -- they somewhat mirror for some of the other offerings but they really, really provide a huge great deal of numbers and a larger percentage for construction and construction related so we have more general contractor aid. we have b, specialty contractors from painting to concrete. there's more diversity with our contractors and it makes sense because there are a lot of opportunities and dollars put into our contracting as well as maintenance in our city, so for males -- males companies and we have a lot of the construction companies. one thing i want to mention this program is a pilot that we're starting with women this year but in the following years it's for all local businesses but we wanted to start somewhere. >> [inaudible] even if it's a
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pilot program. >> local business and certified one through 10 we're going to welcome that business in. >> great. any other commissioner comments? >> can i quickly -- i want to first thank beverly personally. you're probably one of the most approachable and nurturing person any city agency so i definitely want to recognize that and myself many moons ago going through the program and representing a disadvantaged community the lbe program is probably the single most agency or program that works in san francisco. it's the one that really, really bridges the gap. what i learned and the contracts i was able to achieve through the lbe program really just light years put my business at the time light years in advance. it would have taken 20 years to gain a contract without the program so i am concerned there
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is about a 40% decline in women lbe's that you mentioned and anything that we can do on the commission and i know we want to be there because i mean when you guys do on the program it's amazing so we want to help if we can. >> i also wanted to recognize that really the success -- we had to take the village mentality and i understand commissioner o'brien's comments and it's the hardest working but look at why the women businesses are declining it's not they're tired and not going to get up but they have child care obligations and i heard over and over again that is one of the biggest barriers. i notice i regularly get the small business advisories and availability of meetings and it's great that we have so many programs. some are also offered during the day. i am wondering if there is a
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possibility to integrate child care with the availability of the meetings so more women could participate. >> [inaudible] that we have launched is that we are actually having it during the workday. the participants have to commit to attend at least 10 sessions, but the offering is during the workday and we hope that will help because most of the women that are certified do work the traditional workday, and they can make it then. >> thank you commissioner. you talked about putting the caters in a pool and offering them opportunities out of that pool. well, this is what we recommend in a lot of cases. we would like to take those businesses who are now in food service and get them certified and as caters or another people within the
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department need to order catering food or service we can put them into a pool and pull them out and rotate the work around. that would help that emerging business. that would help increase our participation in women and certainly help the city and staying local with local business. >> [inaudible] other industries. i think sfmta is doing it in trucking. we have pools for work throughout the city as needed where they rotate the work, so we have different models that we can use and perhaps use these models to go to a category in which could help develop and grow some more women businesses that are doing work and they want more. they want to grow with the city contracts. >> thank you for your good work. >> thanks. >> any other comments or
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questions? great. thank you very much. and do we have public comment? >> actually president under this section we do -- we would like to call from the agenda sf made we don't have a presentation but we do have informational comments by the director of the office of small business regina dick-endrizzi and also in the pack set some information. >> again regina dick-endrizzi. thank you commissioners. this sf made sends their regrets for not being here. do want to acknowledge we are fortunate to have commissioner mark dwight who is a founder for -- are you still on the board? >> [inaudible] >> and founder and chairman of sf made and sf made is actually one of -- we in the city consider sf made one of our
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economic development organizations and it's relatively unique in the sense that it's very industry specific. it helps new businesses, but it's primary function is really help and support manufacturers and the manufacturing environment and if there is anything that you would like to add in relationship to that please free free, so janet lee from sf made provided some information on some of the stats for women in the san francisco's local manufacturing, so -- may i have the overhead at all? you may not be able to read this but 48% of the local manufacturers are women owned businesses. 53%
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are in a parallel. 54% are women in food and beverage -- 54% are in the food and beverage sector. and note that apparel and food and beverage are the largest sectors within sf made membership that comprise of women owned businesses. one of the issues they wanted to bring up and bring to both commission's attention is that they feel it's very relevant to women in manufacturing the lack of child care options both in terms of availability and affordability. especially there is a lack of child care approximate to the manufacturing businesses and it's not possible to put facilities in businesses that are zoned for pdr so perhaps this is one thing that we can take a look at work at
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the zoning level and they noted that this is an issue for both women owners and employees so when we maybe took a look at working to save our manufacturing environment and which is very important and a sector of the city to be able to grow and create we may have forgot what are some of the support needs that businesses have, so that was a recommendation that they had for the two commissions as a matter to possibly take into consideration, so again i think we have heard numerous times tonight the issue around child care is a important issue in all business sectors. >> thank you regina. do we have any comments from our commissioners? do you have
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anything to add? >> ms. president soo if you could call for public comment on section c, growing your business. >> do we have any public comment on section c? seeing none we will move on. >> thank you president. commissioners this puts us on part five of your meeting public comment. president soo would you like me to open up public comment? >> yes, sir please. >> and would you like me to read off the speaker cards and lastly three minutes? >> yes. >> i have two cards and you can come in any order that you like. [calling speaker names] and public comment will be limited to three minutes. you will see a timer on the podium. >> [inaudible] i am roberta
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guise chair of public policy of women in san francisco and also a small business owner. we are here to talk about equal pay. first i would like to introduce our president kathy cochran who will say a few words about aew and aew san francisco. >> thank you roberta. thank you commissioners and friends. we're delighted to be here. a very apropos evening and if there is one thing we heard tonight it's certainly important for us to work very hard for the advancement of small businesses of women and not forget about the importance of equal pay and aew, the american association of university women has been advancing women and girls since 1881 and on the front lines for equal pay, the fight for equal
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pay for 100 years. they were there 40 years ago in the oval office when president kennedy signed the equal pay act and when president obama signed the lite ledbetter act and roberta is the chair of public policy and the fight is an on going one and a major priority of our national organization and they have encouraged us a thousand branches strong across the united states to acknowledge the day that is tomorrow, the equal payday and bring that voak stroke to our communities. we are delighted to be here as part of this event this evening and roberta will share more comments about equal pay and some susassistantance for you after
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a long evening. >> thank you kathy. this meeting is serendipitous and tomorrow is equal payday and tomorrow is the day that women caught up with what men earned last year so women on average 70 cents per dollar a man makes and here in california it's a little better and it's 85 cents and up to a lifetime that is a lot of lost earnings and affects families and childrens and the small businesses in the city but if you believe it's due to choices that women make and there has been a lot of chart cheart about that in the community. that's the primary reason let's look at some fact thes here. i learned about a chemical firm that was bought out. with the new contract the engineers discovered that the women had a bigger salary bump than the men did and previously
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paid less for the same work and i am sure you will agree that gap can't be explained by choices that the women engineers made, and a new gender gap has been discovered. last we're we released a study on college graduate earnings. the research showed that women worked full time earned 82% of what the male peers earned. after the research is controlled for hours, and occupation and other factors that we normally associate with pay there was this unexplained gap suggesting that bias and discrimination are still problems in the work place, so what can each person do? i've got three things. number one, take home a copy of auw's recent report about the pay gap and i have my copy. we have many copies over there so
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there is one for everybody there and if you grab two or three i encourage you to hand them out. we've got lots of them. item two is call your representatives, senators and ask them to -- as kathy said bring the paycheck fairness act to a vote. this would update the equal pay act of 1963 with policies that will enforce fair pay and the last thing in the agenda tonight is suggesting get your fresh part of the payday cake and here it is. it's chocolate for all of the lovers. i know there are a couple in the room and andrea will serve slices out in the corridor because we're not supposed to have food here. thank you very much. >> thank you. any other members of the public withhold like to make a. >> >> comment on items not on the
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agenda this evening? seeing none public comment is closed. >> commissioners this puts you on item six which is adjournment. we would like to adjourn the meeting in memory of mabel soo and i would like to acknowledge president soo. >> thank you. so it was very difficult to lose my mother in the last month. it was a quick illness. she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on the 14th and just two hours i was to be with the mayor and she started feeling ill on february 8 but all her life she was active and vibrant women and at 83 years of age she climbed simon head and i haven't done is it and but she was civicically engaged and asked us to participate and make sure that our community was a better place. i was taken a
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become when i tried to put a notice in the chinese newspaper and my mom third generation impart today was important to know our an set of rol language and. >> >> my language was limited but my mom knew it and the person with the ad -- actually a reporter helped me and she said my late dad was very active community person so he was news worthy when he passed away nine years ago and retired head of the structural division for public works in the city and so there was an article written about him. she went on to say i am famous and i don't know if my opportunities to serve on a commission makes me famous but noted my mom was "just a housewife" and i pointed out my father couldn't have done
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without her as an equal partner. i wouldn't literally be here without my mom but the sensibilities to serve the city and county so i just want to say that today's meeting was very appropriate especially when talking about the ferry building and my mom was a public servant with the state before she gave up her career to raise us four children and worked there when under state jurisdiction as the port authority but loved the transformation of the ferry building and despite her size and people have seen her eat. she could put a way a lot of food and was 110 pounds despite having four children and i want to challenger everyone to follow her spirit and legacy and we make the community and world a better place and i thank the commissioners for their support
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during this difficult time of losing my mom. >> thank you. >> thank you president soo. commissioners with that if you would like to entertain a motion to adjourn. >> motion to adjourn in memory of mabel soo. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> commissioners, that adjourns the meeting 9:18 p.m. >> thank you. i would like to commend staff for making this meeting possible.
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[ applause ] >>my name is sam ashley, anchor at abc 7 news and i am delighted to be with you, i had a very difficult trip over i had to pass the embaracaro and so i worked the late news and about the only thing that would get me up this early is a round of golf, i am proud to serve as your mc and we have a wonderful ceremony, in my line of work any time that i can be in front of a large group of people that can't change the channel, i will get up early for that. >> you know, kind of a unique role here, part news man and part neighbor, we are right across the street. and super fan of the work that
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everyone involved in this great project has done and the end result. how many of you have had a chance to see the inside of this facility? it is beyond words, really. and as of this morning, the public now has a chance to see what all of you have been up to these past many, many months to see this come to fruition is truly a programmable and satisfying and it is really a new crown jewel for the city of san francisco. [ applause ] >> you know, some months ago this was just an abandoned pier and 300 million dollars later and a lot of love and attention, it has been transformed into a place of discovery, a place of imagination, and a place of repose. in this new neighborhood, here along the embarcadaro, the san
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francisco exporatorium is truly reborn bigger and better than ever, and we know in this new location and facility and sort of a new sense of enthusiasm it is going to be a huge success and a integral part of what visitors come to enjoy in san francisco and of course what all residents in the bay area come to enjoy. it is fantastic, i know that my kids used to love to come visit. i know that they will be excited and they are kind of big now and they will be excited to come and visit this new facility as well. we just aired and i want to remind for those of who you did not see it, i did a half hour special, thank you very much. [ applause ] and it is not, a shameless plug for the special, i promise you, it is a celebration of what was done here, we worked really hard to capture the enthusiasm and the quality of the exhibits and all of the deep thought and love and care that went into creating this new facility and it is just an exciting look at what has been done, so if you have not seen it, it will air
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the 28th, a week from this sunday at 4:30 on channel seven, of course and you can go to the website and watch the whole half hour now and it is just a lot of fun to see. we show you what they did in terms of rebuilding the pier and moving the exhibits and just an amazing amount of work that it took to bring us to this point today. let me begin by first speaker this morning, the exporatorium board of directors represents the authority and bay area of course. from the silicon value, the giants a member of the grateful dead, even. i would like to introduce you to george, the advocate and champion of the exporatorium and its vision and campus on piers 15, and 17, george come and say a few words, please. [ applause ]
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>> what a beautiful day to open a museum. good morning, and welcome, this new campus is an incredible gift from the philinthropic community and beyond. visitors of all ages, dan, all ages, and backgrounds will come here by the millions to nurture their curiosity. science teachers in the bay area and around the country will call it their professional home, artists will continue to collaborate with scientists here. and science education institutions around the world will benefit from the research and the innovation that will occur here. this has been a true journey, long, and rewarding. a culmination of years and
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planning and hard work, not just by the exporatorium staff and board, about whom i can't say enough. [ applause ] but also by the city and the state including many of you here today. the exporatorium is really all about collaboration. collaborativive learning, collaborative decision-making and collaborative management. and this process has been a true collaboration, bringing together the staff and the board, government agencies, neighborhood associations, our fellow san francisco museums and many other con stitcies. >> raising the money to turn this bold vision into a reality was a true labor of love for the board. two factors made our job
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actually quite easy. first, everyone in the bay area loves the exporatorium. [ applause ] and second, it is an institution that in its first 43 year has made a big impact in the world. what you see here is the end result of a lot of work by thousands of people. we see this space not just as a new campus, but as a transformative platform from which to multiply our impact, those within the museum and also beyond its walls. it is a great honor for me to represent the entire board along with two chairman ameriti who are both here today, dan casper and bill bos.
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>> both of who played... [ applause ] both of whom played critical roles in making this happen. over a decade, i'm thrilled to be placing this first ring on our beautiful new bell, this ring represents visionaries and designers, the dreamers, architects and imaginers, of the exporatorium, thank you very much. >> george, thank you very much. please welcome now, dr. dennis bartel the executive director of the exporatorium and truly a driving force behind this remarkable and amazing project. [ applause ]
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>> wow. what an amazing journey. i know, my chairman was nervous for a second that i was going to use an expletive. we are unbelievably excited to open the exporatorium at piers, 15 and 17 here to the entire san francisco community and the world beyond. it has been many years coming and it took an army of thousands to put it together. there is just a few special groups that i want to highlight here today. the first from the bottom of my heart this tireless, staff, this leslie, yes i am going to do it, this lovely band of miss
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fits anywhere in the world who pulled this together, thank you. >> to our board of directors and their leadership and support. never waivering, that unflagging optimism and vision to finally land here on san francisco's front porch. to our architects led by mark batalion to our contractors led by midy brother and our banks, led by the bank of america this would not have been possible without you. to our partners the city and port of san francisco and the agencies that approved this project unanimously to bring it